The Grey Plume Dinner Review

I’ve been wanting to try The Grey Plume restaurant in Midtown Crossing for a while now. Rated one of the greenest restaurants in the world, and one of the best restaurants in Omaha, this place is always packed. When I headed to the gym on Tuesday to find my 5:30pm cycle class full, Josh and I decided to get a quick dinner before the next 6:30pm cycle class.

We sat at the bar which has a great open view of the kitchen. While we were contemplating our dinner choices we were brought amuse bouches. They were delicious.

We ended up ordering veggie sandwiches. Josh got his with a side of cauliflower soup while I got mine with a side of carrot salad. They also served fresh baked rolls and butter. The meals were amazing. Everything was so flavorful and delicious. As we headed out the door we were treated to complimentary house cookies to enjoy later. It’s those touches that really take a restaurant from great to out of this world.

After dinner I walked over to my cycling class. The food was so light I didn’t feel bloated or cramped while rocking it out on the bike. Josh and I can’t wait to eat at The Grey Plume again.

Question of the Day: What’s the last great meal you had?



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