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I have finally found a healthy snack to munch on at work that is both filling and tasty.

When I was at TJMaxx the other day I spotted Love Crunch on the shelves and was immediately intrigued. I’ve heard good things about Nature’s Path and liked the ingredients so I figured I’d give them a try. I picked up the Apple Crumble flavor which is made with pecans, green apples, chia, and cinnamon and the Dark Chocolate and Red Berries flavor which is made with cocoa, flax, and coconut. I measured out a fourth of a cup of the Apple Crumble for work on Friday and it was the perfect mid-morning boost of energy to hold me until lunch. The flavors blend well together and it hits the perfect balance of sweet but not too sweet. I also love how it isn’t overly buttery, I’ve definitely given myself stomach aches from eating granola that’s too buttery before and that didn’t happen with these granolas. I’ve been snacking on the Dark Chocolate one today and loovvee it. The dark chocolate pieces are delicious! I’m definitely going to have to stock up on more bags of these! Buh bye horrible work Doritos that don’t fill me up and just leave me with regret!

I had to run to the post office this morning to mail Debbie’s birthday present before the post office closed at noon. As I was driving downtown I noticed a Farmers Market I had never seen before. After mailing the package I decided to park and check out the tents. I love exploring Farmers Markets with Josh and really wish he was here to see this one, it was really nice! There was fresh goat cheese and brie, homemade honey and soaps, fresh herbs and tons of plants. There was also a Mediterranean bakery that made macaroons and crepes!

I love crepes, when my dad and I visited Quebec City when I was in highschool I loved them so much I convinced him they were healthy and we ate them every day for lunch for the week we were there! Today I got their featured strawberry and mascarpone cheese crepe and it was out of this world. I’m so glad I made an unexpected trip to the Farmers Market.

I have been a fingernail biter since I was little. It was a horrible habit that always left my hands bleeding and in pain and looking ugly. A few weeks ago with Josh’s encouragement I set out to end my nail biting once and for all. I thought it would be hard but once I really set my mind on it it was surprisingly easy. I’m so proud to say I haven’t bitten my nails in over a month! In celebration of no longer being a nail biter I painted my nails today, as well as my toes. My nails are painted Light As Air by China Glaze and my toes are painted Kelly by Zoya. While I still need to work on my painting skills it feels so good to overcome a bad habit!

I’ve also been enjoying Sass Yourself Slim by Cynthia Sass. I read it in the waiting room of my dermatologists the other day and this morning over breakfast. While I still have over half the book to go, I’ve been learning a lot, like the fact that to really kick start your metabolism you need to not only eat breakfast but eat it within an hour of waking up. Working so early this summer I don’t have the option of eating it any later but on vacation and during the school year I’ve definitely been known to lounge around for an hour or two before making breakfast. I’m going to be sure to be much more aware of that from now on!

Time to go study for my GMATs over a bowl of oatmeal for dinner!

Question of the Day: What’s a bad habit you’ve managed to overcome/ are still trying to kick?


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    Love Crunch – never had it but the name is so darn cute! 😉 And I love China Glaze colors… they’re SO rich and always come out looking great. Good job on the nail biting – keep it up!

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      Thanks so much! It feels so good to not have my nails in pain anymore! China Glaze nail polishes are awesome, when the Up collection came out I bought every color, I love the pastels. And the granola is so good, I definitely recommend trying it!

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    I love that dark chocolate berry granola but I could down the bag in a sitting! Eek. One bad habit that I am doing really well with overcoming is my gum chewing addiction. I haven’t had a piece in 18 days though! :) The one habit that I am ready to beat next is binging!

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      Ohh do they sell Love Crunch by you?? I have never seen it before TJMaxx the other day. That’s awesome you’re doing so well with gum chewing, I used to be addicted in high school, congrats on breaking the habit! And I know you can conquer binging girl, I’m sending happy thoughts!! <3

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    I love the colour of your nails sweetheart! Congrats on no more biting! That’s a huge success! I am so happy for you :) xx

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