This past weekend

This past weekend:

  • I had an amazing time at Molly’s bridal shower. She’s the one in the gorgeous dress. It was so fun to get to celebrate her, and to get to hang out with some really awesome girls. We’re celebrating Mardi Gras together tomorrow and I can’t wait!

  • Josh and I had a fun date night. I love that we have similar schedules and get to see each other often during the week, but I still want to take time for romantic dates. Grey Plume has quickly become my favorite restaurant in Omaha. While it is not cheap, we had a buy one get one entree coupon so we were pretty excited about that. Holla for a dolla!
  • I somehow managed to injure the side of my foot this weekend. I don’t recall tripping or banging my foot on anything, but during Molly’s shower my right foot went from feeling fine in my wedges to being in pain. Even after I got home and got off my feet the pain persisted. It’s on my outside arch so I’m keeping off of it as much as possible. Some of my exercise plans before our honeymoon may have been dashed, but I’d much rather spin a little less and get to run around on the beach a little more. ;p
  • Speaking of honeymoon, I cannot wait! This time next Monday Josh and I will be in Cancun. We stocked up on sunscreen and got Josh some new bathing suits. I’m going to try for once in my life to pack light. We’ll see how that goes.

Questions of the day: How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?


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    WOW that dress IS gorgeous :) This weekend I took a test to get my massage therapy license and PASSED. I celebrated with my husband by pigging out at my favorite burger joint and taking our dogs for a nice long walk.

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