Three Years of Love (And Two Days of Dancing)

Hey guys! I hope your weekend was wonderful and that your new week starts off great. I had the best weekend with Josh celebrating Valentine’s Day. I feel so lucky to have had such an amazing Valentine for the past three years.  Being engaged this year makes it extra special because now we get to celebrate being Valentine’s for life. Saturday night we decided to head to Mario’s, one of our favorite restaurants in State College, for dinner.

The restaurant was packed! I guess a lot of couples were celebrating Valentine’s Day over the weekend. Thank goodness for reservations. I felt bad for the waiters running around like crazy trying to help everyone. Our waitress was super nice.

We started off with a garlic bruschetta appetizer and a glass of wine for Josh and a bellini for me. I’m officially cleared to drink again! After months of stomach aches and digestive issues and various tests to try and figure out what was causing all of it the GI told me I have IBS. While it stinks to have to deal with anything irritable bowel syndrome is far and away the best possible diagnosis for the symptoms I was having. My prescription is to stress less and take a probiotic a day. I can definitely do that. 😀

For my entree I ordered a mushroom gnocchi in a white wine truffle sauce. Mario’s makes the most delicious gnocchi, they’re soft like little pillows without being overly chewy. At first I found the sauce a little weak, I am a big cream based sauce fan, but as I ate the flavors began to build and I really enjoyed this dish.

Josh ordered their tortelloni in vodka sauce. Mario’s is known for their vodka sauce and this did not disappoint. Josh was very sweet to let me steal more than a few bites. ;p

Afterwards we came home to exchange Valentine’s Day gifts. Before we did that Josh surprised me with nutella cookies! I am obsessed with these things and I thought it was so sweet how he put mini Hershey Kisses in the middle and sprinkled them with red sprinkles for Valentine’s Day. 😀

Then it was gift exchanging time!

This is so mushy and personal but how is this not the most adorable thing in the entire world? I melted, and Josh had to get me a letter opener, because I didn’t want to slice through the penguin to get to my card,

Josh got me a Jim Shore Mickey and Minnie Mouse figuring, a froggy, and my favorite Hershey bars. He knows me so well. 😀

I got Josh a pair of Toms and Funky Chunky chip-zel-pop. He has gotten me so many pairs of Toms throughout the years and always mentions how he loves this style. I thought it would be a fun surprise to finally get him a pair.

I have never heard of Funky Chunky before but I figured it would be hard to go wrong with pretzels, chips, and popcorn covered in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel.

It turns out Josh has had this stuff before and loves it. He was so sweet to share it with me and oh man is this stuff crazy good! If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it.

After celebrating at home Josh and I changed into some Penn State gear to meet up with Lily and Pierce to celebrate another cause. This weekend was THON at Penn State. I grew up hearing about this event but have never actually gone. To sum up what it is it is a 46 hour dance marathon organized completely by students  to raise money for kids with pediatric cancer. People who hate on Penn State really need to see all the good that goes on at this place. The final total just came in and this weekend $12.3 million dollars was raised. Getting to experience the event first hand was amazing. The dancers are kept on the floor with lots of food and activities to keep them up and awake. The spectators are in the stands cheering on the dancers as everyone rocks out to music, entertainment, and plays with all the props that are being passed around. There were beach balls and water guns galore.

Josh and I found a random bubble blower.

Hilarity ensued. Afterwards we all headed over to Canyon Pizza to enjoy a $1 slice of pizza. I was pretty stuffed from the night of food we had had but I stole a few bites of Josh’s pizza. I totally get why Canyon Pizza has the reputation of being the place to go for pizza late on a Saturday night.

Sunday morning Josh and I decided to continue our Valentine’s Day celebration with breakfast at The Waffle Shop. The Waffle Shop is a State College treasure. There are three of them, although only two still belong to the original owners. If you visit State College and see The Waffle Shop downtown, skip it. It’s not under the original ownership and despite the long lines (that all Waffle Shops have) the food is not as good as the ones on the North and South end of town. I got scrambled eggs and their amazing fresh baked blueberry muffin. They slice and toast each individual side of the muffin and it tastes so good. Their orange juice is also fresh squeezed and out of this world.

Josh got pecan pancakes and hash browns. I know it’s called The Waffle Shop but it is their pancakes that make this place amazing. It was the perfect way to start a lazy, lounge-y Sunday.

Questions of the Day: What were you up to this weekend? Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day over the weekend? Is your Alma mater known for supporting a specific cause? 


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    I love reading your blog because I am a Penn Stater that now lives in Edmonton, Alberta and I don’t make it back to State College enough! Once or twice a year :) I love seeing you eat at all of my favorite places :) And so glad you made it to THON. I danced my senior year and as it is for me, it was a life-changing experience for me. It’s amazing what a strong community can do! And you’re right, that is Penn State. Something everyone should have the chance to see!

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      Wow, that’s amazing you danced for THON your senior year. That must have been incredible! I wish I had known more about THON when I was younger, dancing sounds like such a profound opportunity.

  2. says

    It sounds like you had a wonderful, romantic, Valentine’s weekend! I love gnocchi, and I love cream sauce (though these days I make it without actual cream).

    A dance marathon sounds like a lot of fun (at least if I was watching and not actually dancing!).

    I had to work this weekend, but I did get in a couple runs, including a long run in my half marathon training.

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    Looks like you guys had a great weekend! I have never heard of THON but as someone who has had a great little guy in my family battle with pediatric cancer, it sounds like an amazing way to raise money and awareness. Tommy and I celebrated Valentine’s Day this weekend too. We went to the Central Park Zoo and had dinner at a new Thai place we had been wanting to try.
    I have never thought about toasting a muffin that way – genius!

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      Muffins sliced and toasted on each side blow regular muffins out of the water. They’re crazy good. And yeah, THON is so incredible, it made me so proud to be a part of Penn State. This event does so much good.

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    What a great weekend!! I LOVE gnocchi- that dish looked so good!! And I LOVE Toms!! My mom got me 2 new pairs for valentines day! Josh and I are twins! My alma mater Butler does Dance Marathon to raise money for Riley Children’s hospital- it sounds exactly the same as THON except that we just call it Dance Marathon. So fun!!! Have a great week girly!

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      I love that there are multiple schools doing dance marathons for kids. It’s such a great cause and the events help so many! The gnocchi was fabulous! I wish I had more to eat now. ;p

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    Your weekend looked busy and tasty. Those pancakes at the end looked yummy (I’m jealous ;D). I went to see the new Die Hard with my Best Friend 😀 It was amazing if you’re a Die Hard fan or an action fan I’d definitely recommend you go see it!

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      Thanks girly! It was a blast! I’ve always heard about THON but seeing it in person is so incredible, it’s crazy to think it’s completely organized by students.

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      I was so happy I got to go! It was such an incredible experience! Please thank your sister for me for all her hard work for such an amazing event that helps so many!

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    Looks like a blast! I love me some gnocchi, it’s probably one of my favorite treats.
    We don’t celebrate Valentines, but yours looked like a day full of love!

  7. Vanessa says

    My cousin goes to PSU and danced for THON – it is amazing what people can do when they feel so passinately about one thing and stick together…

    My boyfriend and I went out for Valentine’s Day dinner. I had the gnocchi in pesto. I liked it! (but then again I like trying new things) but marinara is more of a common choice.

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    wow looks like an amazing time with your valentine! you guys are just too cute. love those shoes you got him, what a sharp dressed man, and mmm that popcorn stuff looks great. your gnocchi looks awesome but i’m not a huge cream sauce person! it makes me sleeeeepy haha. i never would have been able to go to a bball game after an italian meal, good for you! i need to stop being such a grandma! i love the bellini choice, how celebratory!

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      Thanks so much Angie! I’m excited for a lifetime of Valentine’s Days with Josh! Ohh sushi, I’m loving sweet potato sushi at the moment, it’s so good. I’m glad you two got to enjoy yourself this weekend!

  9. Erica Beckenhauer says

    Glad your tummy is feeling better! As always, this food looks delicious. Also, blue looks pretty on you (:


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    Hey- what a small world. I live in Texas these days, but I am a Pittsburgh girl, who lived in State College from 1994-1996. I haven’t thought about that place in a long time. I used to manage a Chess King (hah) in the Nittany Mall. Thanks for bringing back those memories! :) – Lea

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    Your whole weekend sound fabulous! I’m not sure if I told you this before, but I love that you are Penn state fan. We are huge penn state fans over here… like before moving out to Kuwait we had a separate room dedicated to Penn State football.. sadly, it all had to go into storage while were away :(.

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    Oh my gosh, you have no idea how much it warms my heart to see that you supported DM!

    I danced every year at The University of Florida for 26.2 hours and I continue to donate to friends who are still there. It is a life changing experience.
    Penn State used to have a lore around it because it is SO long, kudos to them, and kudos to you!

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      Way to rock it dancing for so long for such a good cause! I have no idea how people dance for 26.2 hours, let alone 46. It is such an amazing thing college students do and it helps so many people. I was so happy to be able to witness it.

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