Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today I was driving to State College with butterflies in my stomach. I was going on a first date with this guy named Josh who I had never met before. We had been emailing daily for three months, our emails getting so long they could fill a book.

No, really. They filled a book.

I felt like even though I had never met him I knew him so well. We had so much in common and connected so quickly. We never ran out of things to talk about and he constantly made me laugh.

I remember getting out of the car and seeing him and thinking he looked even cuter than his pictures. I also remember being really relieved he wasn’t secretly some 45 year old creeper.

For our first date he showed me around State College. We went to Saints, one of his favorite coffee shops, where he got me a pumpkin spice latte because he knew how much I liked them.

Coffees in hand we walked around campus before ending up at a Thai restaurant for dinner. It’s unfortunately out of business now but I remember us splitting veggie spring rolls and I enjoyed chicken pad thai for my main dish (I wasn’t a vegetarian yet!). Afterwards we continued walking around campus, we covered so much of it, walking through buildings and exploring classrooms. At one point we ended up on a rooftop garden, it was so beautiful.

As we walked we talked about so many things, although I stopped mid-sentence and my heart rate shot through the roof when he took my hand for the first time. We passed a cupcake shop called Indulge where we ducked in to grab cupcakes. There was nowhere to eat them there and it was getting pretty cold out so we got them boxed up to bring back to his place.

I remember being impressed by how nicely decorated his apartment was and how the walls were free of frat boy posters and sports jerseys. He cut up the cupcakes for us (we have similar taste in food and have ordered different flavors that we both want from the beginning), made coffee for himself, poured a glass of milk for me, and then we sat on the couch talking and eating. We held hands, and talked about our day and life and it was so casual and so relaxed. I remember sitting there looking at him and having this feeling that years from now we’d still be sitting just like that, holding hands, and talking about our days.  As the night ended with him walking me to my car and giving me a kiss I knew it was the start of something special.

I’m the biggest romantic. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of finding my one true love. Two years filled with amazing memories and more love than I knew it was possible to experience later I feel so happy and so lucky. The guy I was so nervous to meet two years ago is now my best friend and fiance. I’ve found the guy who makes me a better person, who I’m meant to spend the rest of my life with and we get to plan our happily ever after together. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

To Josh- Thank you, for encouraging me, for always being there for me, and for loving me unconditionally. I am so excited to marry you this summer.

To everyone else- thanks for letting me be extra mushy today. Go kiss and hug your loved ones, they’re what make life worth living.

Question of the Day: What was your first date like with your significant other?


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    How sweet! Congrats on two years! Tommy and I celebrate our 2nd anniversary next Monday! We had known each other for years and had been spending tons of time together before our first official date, but we went to dinner in the city. Tommy had been suffering from a stomach virus for two days prior to our date but refused to reschedule. After dinner we went to the top of the rock in Rockefeller center where he asked if I would be his girlfriend, and the rest is history. When you meet the one, you just know! Congrats again! :) :)

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    Congrats! I think our first date was to the movie “She’s All That.” Although in my mind we were still just friends but in his we were destined to be together. Needless to say, he’s a persistent guy and convinced me we were meant to be together. Here we are still together 12 or so years later and married 10 of those years!

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    Awww…loved this story! Congrats to you. My date w/ my husband was to a movie and dinner–also in college and I was just impressed that he took me on a “real” date–unusual back then!

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    Congratulations! Very sweet, happy anniversary. Love that the emails fill a notebook :)

    I couldn’t even tell you the first date because we were friends for so long first, that it was more of a transition stage than a ‘first date.’ Yours sounds lovely!

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      Aw thank you so much! I know by the time we met we had such long emails and had talked about so much I felt like I already knew him so well!

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    Awww so sweet! Congrats!

    I will have to share our story sometime on the blog. Our 16th wedding anniversary is coming up on New Year’s Eve. We met in Virginia (where I lived), he traveled there for work (he lived in IL), we dated 3 months then got married which we planned in under 24 hours (my dad, a preacher married us) and the rest is history. We did have a big wedding later but we consider NYE our anniv.

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    I love this! Happy Anniversary to you both…and this story is kinda near and dear to my heart, too. My husband and I met the same way – online – after 3 months of emailing and phone calls. I was moving to Virginia from Connecticut after college graduation, and we met 2 days after I got to VA. We’ve been together ever since – almost 9 years. :)

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      Oh wow what similarities! I loved getting to know him so well before our first date, when we first met I already felt like friends! Congrats to you and your husband!

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    awl;rajd;lf!!! awwwwhhh. Seriously, this was beautiful to read! You two are clearly a perfect match for one another. Its amazing how the universe brings us to the people we are meant to be with.

    Happy anniversary. And to many many many many MANY more! xo

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    oh, my goodness! what a special day and what a special post! i absolutely love it! tears were coming for sure as i read your story!! how sweet!!! <3 spa love to you! thanks for sharing this!

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      Thanks so much! How did you guys end up deciding on what counted as your anniversary date? Although now that you’re married I guess that date doesn’t matter anymore.

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    Well now that I’m basically crying… Such a beautiful post hunnie. It fills my heart with happiness to read and see how in love the two of you are xoxo

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