Ugly Sweater Run Omaha 5k Recap

This weekend Josh and I ran the Ugly Sweater Run 5k around downtown Omaha. It was cold, it was packed, and it was absolutely awesome.

There were over 3,000 racers dressed up in their ugliest sweaters. It was 20 degrees and Christmas music was blasting. We had no idea what the experience would be like but we were so excited.

Josh and I wore his and her penguin sweaters. (From Kohls!) We wore Under Armour cold gear underneath and I’m happy to say it worked and kept us warm and dry while we ran.

Our race registration came with hats. I thought they were such a fun and useful touch. The course was great. There were giant inflatables, music, a hot chocolate stop, and a post-race mustache party.

After the race we met up with Jeff and Joanna who also raced to enjoy our post race Sam Adams together. The race offered Angry Orchard hard cider which I was so happy about since I don’t drink beer but I love cider.

We also met up with Jess and Spencer. Jess is the one who originally talked me into this race. I’m so glad she did. This was Josh and my first time running in cold weather and we were nervous about how we would handle it.  It thankfully was just like running in any other situation once our bodies warmed up and we fell into a rhythm. This race was just for fun and wasn’t timed so Josh and I ran it together. It was so sweet getting to run side by side with him and for us to cross the finish line hand in hand. I can’t wait to see those finish line pictures.

After the race Jeff, Joanna, Josh and I met up with Molly and Brian for brunch at Wheatfields. My post race meal was ooey, gooey, cheesy goodness and I loved every bite. I can’t wait to do this run again next year!

Questions of the Day: Have you run in cold weather? Would you ever participate in an Ugly Sweater Run?


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    Is it wrong that I love your sweater!! I think it’s super cute!! I was supposed to run one here in Vegas, but both the baby and I were sick. I was so bummed. :( Love your pictures!!

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    I run in cold weather all the time! That Ugly sweater run looks like so much fun! I would definitely do one, although I can’t imagine actually running in a sweater though! Have you seen the running shirts that are suppose to mimic ugly sweaters? I saw a few runners wearing them at the Christmas 5K at disney and thought they were cute! Hopefully you and Josh will make this race a tradition!

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    YAY! So glad you participated! Cool that you met up with Jess as well. :)
    I had so much fun this year. Last year my girl Tyree and I ran it. This year we had a group of us. I love running in cold weather and I thought Sunday’s weather was PERFECT. I love the crisp fresh air. Makes me want to go run right now. haha.
    Very cute matching sweaters, by the way. ‘)


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