Vegas Shows and Shopping

I can’t be the only one who is obsessed with Cirque Du Soleil. Ever since my dad took me to Quebec and I learned how the acrobatic circus got its start I was a fan. With Josh I got to see Quidam, my first Cirque show. It was even better than I could have imagined.

And thanks to a lovely friend I got to see my second Cirque show. When I put out a call for suggestions of things to do and shows to see in Vegas, Erin told me she works for Mystere and that she could get me comps if I was interested. It was so sweet of her and helped make my trip so special.

Sam and I were show buddies for the week and she was just as excited as I was. We headed over to Treasure Island, where the show is performed, not sure what to expect. There was a huge line when we got there and we were nervous we would be late for the show but we got to skip ahead to the VIP section and get our tickets and snacks. I felt super special. ;p

Our seats were fantastic and the show was phenomenal. Truly classic Cirque at its best. I thought Quidam was good but Mystere was 10x better. The crowd interactions were hysterical (I got popcorn thrown at me by the clown!) and the stunts were truly spectacular. I would highly recommend checking this show out if you’re in Vegas. Next on my list of Cirque shows to see are O, Zumanity, Ka, and Zarkana.

Sam and I had so much fun seeing Mystere we decided to see another show. Since we were in Vegas we decided to see something quintessentially Vegas. We went to see Thunder From Down Under.

Because Sam and I are students (read: cheap) we decided to hit up Tix4Tonight. They’re on every street corner of the strip and sell tickets for the shows that didn’t sell out that day. We were able to get Thunder from Down Under tickets for $40 instead of $60. Once you buy the tickets you have to go to the show’s box office and claim them. Until you do that you are not assigned seats. We headed over to Excalibur where the show is held and got to pick out some pretty nice seats for what we paid.

Getting a ticket also comes with a picture. How awkward do I look? haha

The show was packed, the girls were screaming, the music was loud (and awesome- they played a lot of Mr. JT), the guys were hot. For being a show about guys dancing around in their underwear it was really well choreographed and high quality. There were a lot of bachelorette parties here and I think this would be the perfect place to do something like that. All the girls were really encouraging of one another and everyone was just in a good mood and wanted to have fun. I would totally recommend this show to a group of girlfriends looking to have fun in Vegas. There were even a few guys!

If you’re in Vegas, you have to check out the shops. There are so many! I think I made it to most of them on the strip. I went to The Forum Shops, The Fashion Show Mall, and The Miracle Mile. I also just popped into a lot of stores up and down the strip and inside hotels. I also ventured out to the outlets. There’s an outlet on each end of the strip. The South one was horrible but the North one was pretty good. I’ve been to a lot of outlets so I judge them pretty harshly. ;p

The Fashion Show Mall had the best mix of stores for me. I wandered into Ann Taylor Loft and found all their sale merchandise was an additional 60% off.  I scooped up this cute wrap and another sweater.

I also got to visit Lululemon. I didn’t buy anything but I tried on this Run: Back on Track tank that I had just ordered in pink. I’m so glad I loved it! Lululemon also proved why they’re known for such great customer service. I have a Stride jacket that recently started having some zipper problems. It’s not that the zipper doesn’t work it just doesn’t unzipper fully. It zips up and down but won’t detach at the end. I took it into the store and the associates were so sweet. They offered to let me trade it out with a newer jacket (the Stride has sadly been discontinued) or have it sent to get repaired. Since I love the Stride so much I didn’t want to exchange it for a different style jacket (without thumb holes and a hood!) so off my jacket went in the mail to get a new zipper. Thanks Lulu!

I also browsed the gift shops on the strip. In the Paris hotel I found these adorable Let’s French wine glasses. Super cute but also super impractical to pack and bring home. Maybe next time.

My one “I was in Vegas” souvenir was this T-shirt from the Flamingo hotel. I thought it was super cute and perfect for lounging around the house with or wearing as PJs. I’m bringing it to NYC with me today.

Speaking of NYC, I briefly mentioned it on here last week but I’m off for another trip! This one is shorter, I’ll be back on Thursday, but I’m heading to NYC for a Glam event with Kotex. I am so excited, it’s on women and gender issues which I could talk about all day. I took two amazing feminism classes at Bucknell that really stirred up a passion inside me. I’m flying out at 5:45am and still have to pack. So I better run!

Question of the Day: What is the best show you’ve seen on vacation? What type of souvenirs do you typically buy?


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    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I have never been to Vegas, or any big city on vacation, so no shows for this girl!! I would love to do all of that though, one day.

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      Cirque shows are the best! I hope I get to see more one day! Thanks so much, I’m loving NYC, I’m just a bit sleepy from the early flight so I’m lounging at a Starbucks and getting some liquid energy. ;p

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      Going to buy the tickets the guy asked me what show we were going to see and I was like do I have to say it? Once I did he was like oh ho ho well don’t be bashful about it! I was so embarrased! ;P

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