Wedding Recap: Guys and Girls Before Photos

We left off with me getting in my dress. Let’s see what the guys were up to.

Playing pool! Josh’s groomsmen (and Nat!) were having fun in the hotel bar.

The bar was such a great backdrop for photos.

I loved getting to see these photos and see Josh’s reaction opening my present to him.

My dad delivered a book I had been working on for months called What I love about you. It’s filled with funny stories and special memories we shared.

This photo makes me melt into a million pieces.

And then there were funny groomsmen photos like this. haha

And wonderfully sweet family photos like this.

The guys got really into their photos and ended up taking so long the girls were wondering if we were going to have time to take photos before the wedding.

We weren’t planning on having our photos done in the bar, we wanted to do them in the hotel lobby where the cocktail hour was going to be, but guests were mingling in and out before the wedding. Though I didn’t plan it I loved how the girls photos turned out in the bar.

Especially this bridesmaids-esque shot.

I love my sister’s red lipstick. I wish I could pull off a bold lip color like that.

Best friends since 5th grade. <3

Wahhh I miss this girl. Why does Long Island have to be so far away?

I love this photo of Becca and I.

I love this family photo.

And this picture of me with my parents is one of my favorites from the whole day. Frame worthy for sure. <3

We had a minor snafu where our wedding coordinator started the wedding before we were ready. Diane was supposed to be escorted down the aisle by Omar, Josh’s best man, but our wedding coordinator had already sent Omar down the aisle and started the wedding singer (our close family friend Robin). Thankfully Omar just walked back up the aisle and walked Diane back down, but we had to cut our photo session short and hurry to line up so we wouldn’t be late for the ceremony!

Tomorrow is our ceremony recap! We had heard about couples overlooking the ceremony in favor of planning the reception and wanted to make sure our time and effort went into the part of the day that really matters. It was the most perfect ceremony for us and I can’t wait to share it with you!



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