Weekend Updates

This weekend was such a great one. Like always, it flew by. Here’s some of the highlights.

I don’t know how I forgot this when I first posted but Hannah and I went to see Danielle Bradbery perform at Midtown Crossing. I rooted for her on The Voice so it was so exciting to see her on stage. She was amazing and so sweet. I kept hoping Blake Shelton would pop out on stage and sing a duet. I love country music.

My first Chipotle since moving to Omaha. It reminded me of State College and was super delicious.

Josh and I do our grocery shopping on Saturdays. We like to shop the samples, get lunch at the hot bar, and then do our grocery shopping. I picked up a cold bar lunch at Whole Foods this week that was so delicious.

Josh also found a Josh wine! We’re planning on bringing this to a party we’re going to next weekend.

I love green smoothies. And my it’s all good mug. 😀

I get really excited when I have the ingredients to make kale chips in the house. These things are perfect to snack on, they’re delicious and completely nutritious.

Our car got a car wash! Our garage must be so dusty because our car looks like we haven’t washed it in months after only a few days on the road. I’m hoping car washes won’t have to be a weekly thing!

Josh and I ran/walked a 10k! We were both so shocked we were able to do it but so proud of ourselves. To celebrate we went out to Tap House for a beer…or two, to enjoy while we watched the end of the Huskers game. They won! Go Big Red!

We also got a delicious dinner. I was so ravenous after running, I ate every bite.

If you don’t live in the Midwest you will be shocked at how hardcore the entire state of Nebraska is about Husker Football. They’re the University of Nebraska football team and everyone in Nebraska is a fan. I thought Penn State had intense fans, but they don’t have anything on Huskers. Nebraska doesn’t have any pro sports teams so everyone rallies around Husker football. I had to get a t-shirt to rep my new Nebraska pride.

I also had to get a Blue Jays shirt to show my pride for Josh’s new workplace. Go Creighton! They don’t have a football team but they are rockstars at basketball. Creighton and U of N seem to get along really well which I like. The hard thing for me is that Penn State plays University of Nebraska. As much as I love my new state I’m still going to have to root for PSU. We are! I’m not a competitive sports spectator though so whoever wins I’ll be happy! 😀

Question of the Day: What were you up to this weekend?


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    One of my co-workers is originally from Nebraska & you are NOT KIDDING about them being loyal to the Huskers. It’s crazy! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Hope your week is just as great. :)

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    I love Chipotle! Here in California all the restaurants have the vegan Sofritas, which is made of tofu and tastes great! I don’t think it’s gone nationwide yet, which is a shame.

    My son lived in Omaha for a while,and I remember the Cornhusker fever.

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      You and Hannah! haha If they don’t play Nebraska I’ll totally root for them. Yes, I’d love for us all to go to a soccer game. We also signed up for a Creighton 5k if you guys are interested!

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    You’re right, people around here are Huskers crazy! I am not a big fan, but always hope they do well. Being from Iowa, and having gone to school in Iowa, I am a Cyclones fan first, Hawks fan second.

    I took a lovely bikeride by myself Saturday morning. After a week spent at a hospital, I noticed the beauty in so many things I normally don’t. Then yesterday was about work, cleaning, keeping up with New York Fashion Week, and the Packers game. I also baked some peanut butter cookie cups w/ no bake cream cheese. (Heaven!)

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    If you think Omaha has Husker fans, you need to take a trip to Lincoln on a game day! Even if you don’t go to the game, it’s just awesome to be around the stadium, go to different bars and tailgate. It’s crazy busy but a lot of fun! :)

    Ooo, Tap House.. I work right across the street from there and always wish I could go on my lunch break and drink a beer, haha :) Those fries look interesting…

    Congrats on the 10k! I can’t even run for a minute let alone a few miles!

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