Weekend Workouts and Splurges

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your day is off to a wonderful start and that you have some happy memories from this weekend to get you through your start to the work week. I had the best weekend, it was relaxing, productive, filled with yummy eats, and also packed with exercise! Josh and I worked out every day, with us doing Pilates on Friday, going to the YMCA and getting our runs on on Saturday (3.1 miles baby!), and then doing Pilates again on Sunday. It felt so good to work out and was so fun working out together. I’ve always loved the idea of couples working out and supporting one another in their health goals and I’m so excited that Josh and I are doing that for each other. It also makes indulging in weekend treats a lot less guilt inducing. ;p

girlgoneveggie wegmans burrito bowl

On Friday for dinner I picked up a Wegmans tofu burrito bowl from their hot bar. For $6 it’s packed with rice, black beans, tofu, veggies, corn, salsa, queso, guacamole, and lettuce. It is such a good deal and so delicious.

girlgoneveggie state college falafel

Josh and I stopped by our new favorite restaurant, Pita Cabana, again on Saturday and ordered falafel sandwiches. Stuffed with hummus, tabouleh, tomatoes, feta, spinach, soumac, tzatziki, and babaganoush it is perfection in a wrap. I literally crave these sandwiches, and the prices are so reasonable we can afford to get them rather often. We just split them!

girlgoneveggie state college lebanese tea

We also picked up some of the owner’s homemade lavender and vinegar tea. It tastes like a sweet, mild kombucha and is so refreshing. It was the perfect accompaniment to lunch.

girlgoneveggie luigis italian ice

For dessert I had a treat from my childhood. Luigi’s Italian Ice used to be one of my favorite treats. I ate one snuggled up on the couch with Josh while we watched The Notebook. I have wanted to watch it with him for forever, it is such a great love story. He was doubtful he would like it but was such a good sport and agreed to watch it with me the next time I brought the movie to his place. I was so excited when I finally remembered to bring the movie, although I feel so bad because I ended up sobbing throughout the entire movie. I was so emotional thinking how happy I am that I found my great love story and how magical our wedding and our lives are going to be. Thankfully he loved the movie (and was okay with me crying after I explained they were happy tears) but I am so nervous for how I am going to hold myself together at our ceremony. I am going to need heavy-duty waterproof makeup and to try and keep myself together. I’m pretty sure it ruins the mood if the bride bawls her entire wedding day. Is anyone else a crier?

girlgoneveggie wegmans $6 meals

After a good nights sleep and a leisurely morning Josh and I headed over to Wegmans for another yummy lunch. This time I got another six dollar meal, but one with eggplant roulettes, pesto potato salad, and asparagus salad. This was only half the meal, I kept the other half for a snack later in the day. It was so fresh and delicious and so incredibly tasty.

girlgoneveggie erin smith workout clothes lululemon

Then it was Pilates time! My Nike Shox make me SO tall! haha

girlgoneveggie berry smoothie

Afterwards Josh cooled down with a big berry smoothie. We picked up some stuff for his blender, including hemp protein powder, and I’m so glad he enjoys it all. My VitaMix has definitely spoiled me though, seeing another blender in action is a sad thing. ;p

girlgoneveggie bruschetta

I had a plate of mozzarella, basil, balsamic vinegar, and tomatoes grown fresh from Josh’s porch garden. It was so good!

After being good and working out we decided to be bad and head to Cold Stone. We met up with Pierce and had a good time hanging out over ice cream.

girlgoneveggie erin smith coldstone

My baby sized cake batter ice cream with cookie dough. It’s my favorite Cold Stone combo. I was attempting to have some self control on a splurge.

girlgoneveggie coldstone

And then there was this. Pierce got a chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream sundae. It was ginormous and he was so nice to share a few bites with us. It was pretty tasty!

girlgoneveggie taco bell

The splurges further continued because after ice cream we got on the subject of junk food cravings and I thought of Taco Bell. I haven’t been to Taco Bell in nearly a year, and before that over three years. It’s definitely an infrequent trip but man do I enjoy it every time I go. We decided to head over and I ordered a bean burrito. It was warm and ooey and gooey. Definitely worth the trip and the splurge. 😀

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Question of the Day: Are you okay justifying food splurges? What are some of your favorite ones?


  1. says

    my life has totally shifted since I became a mindful eater.
    no splurges. no justifying. it’s all part of my mindful/intuitive food consuming :-)

    • says

      Aw I really like that! I hope to one day be able to see food not as good and bad but all serving a purpose. I’m definitely still guilty of having healthy food and junk food in my mind.

  2. Sarah says

    In my opinion, “food splurges” after light work outs are two steps forward, three steps back in terms of progress towards your goals. If you burn 300 calories, but take in over 500 extra (according to Calorie King.com)..it just seems like it’s a waste of time.

    I would suggest using a calorie counter/food log to understand how to better manage treating yourself and not feeling too restricted by food without negating any gym time.

    • says

      This is a really good point. I definitely don’t feel restricted by food though, I eat what I would consider pretty healthy during the week and then on weekends I like to treat myself and eat out. During the week I have oatmeal and cho, protein green smoothies, and egg omelets on repeat.I normally never eat at places like taco bell so it was exciting to get to splurge. I wasn’t feeling like I ate less calories than I worked out and I wasn’t eating them only because I worked out, I was eating it because I was having fun and out with friends and I wanted to. I felt less bad because I had worked out. I’m not looking to lose weight, I’m looking to tone up and while I know snacks like that push back my progress I’m okay with that because sometimes in life its worth treating yourself. :)

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