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I’m sorry things have been a little quiet over here lately. Between school starting this week and packing like a madwoman time has been flying. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here before but I’m leaving for Las Vegas for a week this Saturday for a school competition. I have never been before and to say I’m excited is a huge understatement.

Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas Girl Gone Veggie Erin Smith

We’re staying at The Flamingo on the strip. I have no idea what to expect but I’ve heard good things.

Judging by the pool pictures I am going to have a blast. It may be a lot more lounging by the hot tub than the pool with the expected temperatures. I could care less though, I’ll take 65 degrees and sunny over the 10 degrees it will be in Pennsylvania any day.

My goals are to do well in the competition and then just rest and relax for the rest of the trip. That’s where you guys come in. If you’ve been to Vegas can you please recommend some of your must-sees and must-dos?

I’m looking for recommendations of places to eat, things to see, places to shop, and things to do. Any and all recommendations please!


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    Vegas is fun, but be warned – there are a ton of people handing out flyers for nasty porn stuff. Oh, and it’s totally normal for people to walk down the Strip drinking. Last time we went, we even got to see a guy pee on the street. Don’t let me scare you. It’s fun! lol

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    Oh goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve been..probably 7-8 years ago. Just go visit all the “cool” hotels- they are all so different and there are so many amazing restaurants….shopping everywhere. It really is quite an experience. Have fun!

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    I’ll be watching the responses to this post; we’re headed there (for the first time ever!) in March and desperately need some suggestions!

    Have fun!

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    omgomgomg. i’m obsessed with las vegas. i’ve been 7 times or so and it will never get old. it’s my favorite place i’ve EVER vacationed.
    i stayed at the flamingo once and the pool is so fun! really big, lots of water slides too. there was a fake surfboard you could ride haha and music in the evening!
    and oh baby restaurants. i could give you a ton. a MUST visit for a lady like you is the canyon ranch grill inside the venetian. it’s open for breakfast and lunch and hard to find b/c it’s inside their spa. but everything is SO fresh and organic (even the alcohol!) and they have so many lovely vegetarian options. also i’ve heard wonderful things about bobby flay’s mesa grill!
    ENJOY GIRL! can’t wait to see what you do!

  5. Deanna says

    I’ve stayed at the Flamingo! It’s a cool hotel….they spray coconut scent in the lobby! The pool will not be open until March. There’s a restaurant/candy store called Sugar Factory that sells awesome french macarons! The big one is in Paris Hotel which is pretty close to Flamingo on the same side of the street. http://sugarfactory.com/ The Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood is a fun mall if you like shopping. Inside the Bellagio is an amazing garden that changes themes all the time. Have fun!

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