What if Everybody Ran

Mardi Gras

I hope you had a great Mardi Gras. I had dinner and drinks with girlfriends and grabbed (more) drinks with Josh. It was fun getting into the spirit of the day.

Maybe I got a little too into the spirit. ;p


Something I can never get too into is running.

Do you want to get silly and dress up in a costume? There’s races for that. (Please notice the giant banana behind me.)

Do you want to get crazy and run in 19 degree weather while wearing ugly sweaters? There’s races for that.

I truly believe there is a race for everyone. While costume 5ks are my sweet spot, Josh is all about obstacle course 5ks. Seeing my friends train for marathons is so inspiring and motivating to me. (It’s my dream to run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon one day.)

Josh and I have found so many benefits to running. We’re exercising which is good for our bodies. We’re getting outdoors and unplugging from technology which is good for our minds. And we’re spending time together supporting and encouraging each other which is good for our relationship. There is nothing better than running into his arms for a big hug at the end of a race.

Mizuno long ago realized the benefits of running, being a running company founded in 1906 and all. They recently partnered with the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School to investigate the potential impact of a national running movement. They asked the question: What if everybody (over the age of 5) ran? The results are pretty amazing:

Study Highlights

Mental/Emotional Impact

  • 37 percent more smiles
  • 163,607 (or 18.7 percent) fewer divorces annually
  • 29.3 million happier marriages


  • National productivity lost from sick days could be reduced by 50 percent from 2.3 percent to just 1.15 percent
  • A 1.15 percent improvement in productivity could generate $25.3 billion in new exports or a $25.3 billion increase in GDP


  • $143 billion savings in health care costs
  • 200 million inches lost from American waistlines
  • 48.1 million fewer cigarettes smoked daily
  • 116,000 fewer hip replacements annually
  • Increased average life expectancy of 6.2 years in men and 5.6 years in women


  • 63 million happier dogs (based on increased walks/runs)
  • 135 million fewer hours spent watching TV
  • 14 billion fewer hours spent online

My question after reading this is why isn’t everybody running? If everybody ran the country would be a happier, healthier, more productive place. I am a former fat kid that thought running a mile in school was torture. I’m still not a fast runner, and I can’t run crazy long distances, but I love it. Josh has struggled with asthma since he was little. He still has to take his inhaler before a race but he doesn’t let that stop him from doing what he loves. I tell my friends that if we can find enjoyment and pleasure in running they can too. It’s all about finding out what works for you.

Question of the Day: Do you like to run? What’s your preferred running distance?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Mizuno. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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    I LOVE running! Right now I am working on accomplishing a 5k goal pace so that’s what I am signing up for but I would love to run a 1/2 marathon soon. I ran a full one many many years ago but just have this huge desire to run a half, and I think the world would be a WAY better place if everyone ran! :)

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    Erin…5ks are so fun. I am able to do those with our daughter, thanks goodness she has the running bug. Obstacles are so fun and this is my year to get my first half marathon under my belt. I am not as hard core as so many others, but running is for EVERY Body for sure…all levels :)

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