A St. Patrick’s Day 5k

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m taking a break from honeymoon recaps to share a fun St. Patrick’s day recap. Erin go Braugh! I’m very proud to be Irish and was excited to get to celebrate such a fun holiday in a unique way this year.

Josh and I ran a 5k! We signed up for the Blarney Stone 5k with Jeff and Joanna a while back and were looking forward to a festive run. I was bummed when I realized I didn’t have anything green to wear, but the race organizers had lots of green beads for me to wear to help me feel less like a loser for being the only person running not wearing green.

The race was packed! I wasn’t sure what kind of turnout to expect. Running isn’t the typical way people celebrate the holiday. I was pleasantly surprised with how many people turned out for this river run. I love the running community in Omaha. The course was a great one and I really enjoyed this race.

Joanna and I snapped a picture afterwards. I love her pigtails.

I can’t say enough how much I love running into Josh’s arms after a race. He rocked this run and I was so proud of him.

After the race we decided to head over to Blatt for some post-run food. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Omaha. In honor of St. Patricks day I had a hard cider.

And their kale salad that I am obsessed with. It was so delicious.

I had so much fun hanging out with these guys and love that Josh and I have friends that enjoy running. Are you loving Jeff’s hat as much as I am? He ran the entire (windy!) race with his leprechaun hat. That is some serious skill.

Joanna and I will be running another 5k this weekend with some friends. I can’t wait!

Questions of the Day: Have you ran a St. Patrick’s Day race before? Do you have any recommendations for cute green running shirts? Now that the holiday is over I’m hoping to scoop up a cute one on sale to save me from embarrassment next year. ;p


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    ya know, st patrick’s day is one race that i haven’t done before… there are a few in st louis and most of the promote drinking beer during or after or whatever… i’m not against drinking by any means but beer doesn’t do much for me haha

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    Sounds like it was a fun race! I love knee socks (compression the best but will wear any for fashion)! Target always has the cutest knee socks! They aren’t compression but they are cute! They probably have some St. Patrick’s Day ones on sale now. :-)

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    How fun! I did a St Pat’s run this past weekend too. I think St Pat’s runs are becoming a popular way to celebrate the holiday!

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    Fun Fun! I wish I could’ve done the Blarney, but I was teaching fitness classes until the later hours of the night. Didn’t think they’d appreciate me cancelling so I could run and drink beer. That kale salad looks AMAZING! I have only been to the Blat to drink beer. I clearly need to test out the kitchen. Glad you had fun!!!

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