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If you guys have been reading my blog for a while you know I’m a pretty consistent person. I like routines and patterns and familiarity. I’m the same way with food, once I find a food I love I pretty much love it forever. If you guys follow me on Twitter you know I eat the same breakfast pretty much every day: Chobani and oats.

I LOVE Chobani. I love the flavors, I love the taste, I love the natural ingredients, I love the protein, and I love the company. Josh always jokes with me when we go shopping and I head to the Greek yogurt section and pick up Chobani without even glancing at the competition how brand loyal I am. And it’s true. I know what I like and when I take the time to compare Chobani and the competition Chobani always wins.

So when I get a package like this in the mail it kind of makes my day. And when I find out I can give away another one to a blog reader I get even more excited. Chobani is seriously amazing. As a vegetarian the protein in their yogurt is a great way to make sure I’m getting enough protein to start my day right. I love it with oats, blended into a smoothie, mixed into a parfait, or on its own as a midday snack. It can also be used in cooking as a one-for-one substitute for sour cream in things like spinach artichoke dip and corn bakes.

If you haven’t tried Chobani yet please enter this giveaway. If you are already a huge Chobani fan then you should definitely also enter this giveaway. To enter to win a case of Chobani Greek yogurt (identical to the one pictured above) you have a few options:

Mandatory entry:

1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite way to enjoy Chobani.

Optional additional entries:

2. Follow me on Instagram (I always post lots of food pics!)

3. Follow me on Pinterest (Especially if you’re looking for wedding inspiration!)

4. Tweet the following, ” Love @chobani? Enter to win a case from @girlgoneveggie #chobanitime #giveaway “

**Make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry so I can count all of them accurately.

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, November 28 at 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be announced on Thursday’s post. Good luck!



  1. says

    My favorite way to eat it is with oats! I add a bit of honey and cinnamon to the plain as well as some freeze dried organic berries and it is the best breakfast ever!!!

  2. Laurel C says

    My favorite way to eat Chobani is with cinnamon and stevia, or I freeze the fruity flavors for an awesome frozen yogurt treat!

  3. caitlin says

    I live chobani I use it to cook in stead of cream, sour cream, or other fatty ingredients. Also I love it for the calcium since I don’t like milk or cheese.

  4. serena hunt says

    Like everyone else, I love plain chobani with fruit (ESPECIALLY blueberries!). A more unique way I enjoy my plain chobani is with some lemon juice, dill and diced onion on a salmon burger! Its really good- I swear! :)

  5. says

    My breakfast every day at work consists of Starbucks, my homemade granola, and Greek yogurt. I’m not loyal to Chobani the way you are, because I haven’t really tried it more than a couple of times. I’d love to win :)

  6. Chelsea says

    I like to eat Chobani by its self usually, but a few months ago after seeing you eat them with oats all the time, I tried it with oats. I like it, but don’t eat it that way a ton, I still haven’t gotten the texture down right, but one day I will!

  7. Elizabeth says

    Love to use it as “sour cream” on my baked potatoes!! yummy. When I serve it no one knows the difference….thanks Chobani

  8. says

    My favorite way to enjoy Cho is by sharing it with my son! He and I will fight over the last one in the fridge and when we eat it, we have competitions to see who can make the loudest “mmmm” sounds! We love it!

  9. Krystal says

    I absolutely love the raspberry chocolate chip flavor which is in the bites variety. Just as it is, and u absolutely love the strawberry and raspberry flavored in just the regular cup with ancient grains granola sprinkled on top. Yummmm…. I could seriously eat chobani all day every day!


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