Christmas Eve

It’s the day before Christmas! I’m working today but getting out early and heading over to Christmas Eve dinner at Molly’s parents house with Josh. I can’t wait!

Recently I’ve discovered that alpaca wool is the softest thing ever. Josh and I went out to see carolers the other night, and after we found out the carolers had gone home because it was too cold, we browsed some stores before heading home. I found the cutest teddy bear in the entire world that I’m asking Santa for. I’m not holding my breath though since it’s $59 (!). I don’t even want to know how much a coat would cost made out of that stuff.

I am in love with my new love necklace. This time of year is always a happy time as everyone celebrates and gets into the holiday spirit. I feel so fortunate and blessed for the life I have. At the same time I wish my mom could be here to see it. I truly can’t imagine how horrific and tragic that Christmas 23 years ago must have been when she passed away. It feels weird having such sad thoughts interspersed with such happy ones but that is life. And I know my life is exactly how it should be. There is so much love and that is all I will ever need.

Our Christmas tree is bursting with presents just waiting to be opened on Christmas day. I feel like a little kid again! I want to open them all!

And our card holders are filled with well wishes and thoughtfulness from family and friends. This brings a smile to my face more than all the presents and holiday decorations. It means so much to know that people took time out of their busy lives to send us a little happiness. I’m so grateful for our friends and family.

Josh and I found Santa while driving around looking at Christmas lights last night. We bundled up, poured hot cocoa into travel mugs, and blasted Christmas music as we drove around Dundee and Regency. This is the first time I’ve ever ever gone for a drive at night with the whole purpose being to check out Christmas lights. We had so much fun. It’s a tradition I’m really looking forward to starting.

Some houses got really into decorating.

These snowflakes are animated! When seeing them in person they look like they’re falling.

I love the simplicity in these decorations.

This house caught our eye from streets away. The closer I got to it the more I became confused by what I was seeing. Is that a Santa snowman? haha The last thing I would want to travel down would be a fireplace if I was him. ;p

I’m so excited for Christmas. Life is good. I hope you enjoy this time with your loved ones. I’ll be back with a recap of my celebrations the day after Christmas.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Question of the Day: Do you drive around to look at lights in your neighborhood?


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    Your XMAS tree looks AMAZING :) ahhh! You’re motivating me to wrap presents! Probably wont do that until tomorrow – My fam won’t be celebrating XMAS until Saturday though, so it’s ALL GOOD!! Have a wonderful time tonight :) Oh and tomorrow too of course!

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    I always go driving around on Christmas Eve looking at Christmas lights with my husband! We live in a neighborhood that seems to value insane Christmas light displays, so we always have a blast checking out all of the crazy lights. I find that the more random stuff people put together, the more I love it :) Quantity over quality! My blog post today is full of my favorite Christmas lights from Philly if you’re in the mood to see more lights!

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