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I don’t know if you guys have caught on to this on my blog but during the week I eat pretty much the same thing every day. An egg and veggie burrito, oatmeal with a banana and chobani, and a big veggie and fruit smoothie are my go-to daily meals. I’ll mix it up with other things from time to time but I’m a creature of habit, when I find something I love I tend to stick with it. Aside from the main reason I love going to State College on the weekends (I get to see Josh!), I also love getting to enjoy different foods on the weekends.

Like delicious homemade pancakes. (Thank you, Josh!)

His pancakes were Mickey shaped! I love how we both see something like this and think Disney. I swear we’re grown ups. ;p Can you tell I want to go back to Disney World really badly?

The maple syrup we used on the pancakes was a sample from Hickoryworks. They reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d like to try their Shagbark Hickory syrup aged in Jack Daniel’s barrels. I had no idea what to expect in regards to the flavor and am happy to say I was blown away. The syrup was slightly smokey and had such a full flavor while still tasting like good old maple syrup. I would definitely use this syrup again, Josh and I were huge fans!

Another food I love getting to eat is veggie burgers! Josh seasons them so well and covers them in the most amazing toppings. I believe this one has bruschetta, cheese, hummus, and tons of spices. Yum!

We also picked up Green Giant broccoli and cheese packs from the grocery store. All you do is peel back the film and microwave for three minutes, and voila, a yummy broccoli and cheese snack that is only 45 calories!

I’m a huge fan of colorful salads and this one was chock full of tasty ingredients. Josh and I made an apple, cheese, nut, and berry salad for dinner.

Josh also made more homemade salad dressing using O Olive Oil. It was so light and tasty and good without being heavy. I can’t believe I used to be a ranch dressing girl!

To accompany our salad we had some homemade sweet potato fries. They were so good I want to reach trough this computer screen and eat some more! Josh added a little bit of agave nectar and the fries ended up tasting like little French Toast sticks!

It was hot this weekend. Like so hot you don’t leave the house hot. We decided to cool off with gin and ginger fizzes. Josh whipped up the recipe from scratch and they were so delicious!

We also enjoyed some Daelia’s beer flats with cheddar and apple slices. It’s such a good combo! Don’t forget to enter to win some in my last blog post! They’re delicious.

For breakfast I was excited to try out Vega’s new Energizing Smoothies. Thanks to Diane’s VitaMix I have access to amazing green smoothies every day. What I liked about the ingredients in Vega’s on-the-go option is that they’re all natural, and contain a lot of the same veggies and proteins that I use in my daily smoothie. All you do is mix a cup of cold water with the powder, shake, and go.

Vega is offering you the opportunity to receive a FREE VegaOne sample. Just click here to request your free sample!

The smoothie was just as easy to make as the packaging promised. I wasn’t a huge fan of the flavor though. :( It may be because I’m spoiled with fresh ingredient smoothies every day but this tasted chalky and fake to me. While I would consider drinking one if I was traveling and needed a nutritious snack this isn’t something I would make when I have access to other ingredients and products.

All in all I’d say we ate pretty well this weekend! Its nice to spice up the traditional food with new and exciting stuff all in the comforts of your home! 😀

Question of the Day: What’s something you eat daily and will never get sick of?


  1. says

    I need to get on the Vega bus.

    I, too, was a Ranch girl. Am a Ranch girl. Hehe.

    I used to eat the broc ‘n’ cheese packs, too…until I think I left it out too long and refroze it…and forgot I’d done that. It didn’t take too hot, and I haven’t eaten one since. Boo.

    • says

      Omg yes! haha For burgers The Deli is awesome, for cocktails and appetizers Inferno is great, for Mexican Rey Azteca is out of this world, for cheap yummy lunches The Penn Stater is great, for frozen yogurt Kiwi is the best, for Thai Cozy Thai is really good, for Indian Kaarma is sooo tasty, for Italian Marios is so good, and for the best breakfast ever ever ever ever head to The Waffle Shop. I hope you have the best time, let me know what you try! We might even bump into each other, I’ll be there this weekend too! 😀

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    I am such a creature of habit with my daily meals too. It’s easier not to have to think about it and to have something you know you enjoy, in my opinion. Although those weekend meals sure look fantastic! Especially the pancakes and the salad. Yum!

    • says

      Everything was so delicious! I like how I’m habitual during the week and an adventurous eater on the weekends. It gives me enough variety that I’ll never be bored!

    • says

      Salads with fruit in them are the best, they spice up the flavor so much and are always so yummy! And eggs are delicious, I eat two a day!

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    I am a serious creature of habit with breakfast. I literally eat the same thing Every. Single. Day.

    I’m sure if you took a look at my most recent blog post, you’d know that I’m into baking! Because I love baking and eating good, homemade food, I tried making granola with a simple and healthy recipe I saw on another blog.

    I’ve literally made this granola every other week for the last several months! I take a little bit in a bag to work, eat it with a small cup of Greek yogurt and a Starbucks drink (this caries by season).

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