Five Facts Friday

Sometimes I feel like I just want to ramble on here. And I figure what better day to ramble than a Friday? So without further ado, I present Five Facts Friday. I hope you enjoy the very random thoughts that are currently on my mind.

1. I am loving barre. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it and have been trying to think of a way to accurately describe what it feels like to people. You’re not really raising your heart rate but you’re pushing your muscles so hard. As we were doing thigh work today in class it hit me, it felt like my thighs were bleeding. That makes it sound horrible but I absolutely love the class. Do any other barre lovers feel like this? Am I just weird?
2. I miss my husband. He’s been on the East Coast for the last week but he’s coming home tomorrow and I can’t wait! I love our little routines that we have and just getting to spend time with him and be together. He’s also usually my alarm clock in the morning which I’ve been really missing. I went to turn off my alarm yesterday and woke up a half an hour later!

3. I am loving Toned Up on Bravo! I’ve heard a lot about Karena and Katrina over the years but never visited their site or did any of their workouts. They have such fun personalities and insane bodies. I can’t wait to follow along on their journey of building a fitness empire.

4. I got my best Stitch Fix box to date in the mail yesterday. I was so happy unwrapping the clothes and seeing that they were things that were my style and that I really want to wear. I’m excited to share pictures next week!

5. I feel like I’ve been doing a really good job with a lot of my New Years resolutions so far. I’m putting in the effort and focusing on achieving my goals. The one area I’ve been serious failing in though is getting enough sleep. I just feel like I’m hardwired to be up at night. Even when I’m dead tired I just want to stay up and do stuff. Once I crawl into bed I’m out in two seconds and sleep great  but I’m struggling with actually getting myself to bed. I feel like that is something a 3-year-old deals with, not 23-year-olds.

Question of the Day: What are some things on your mind?


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    I am trying to like Toned Up, but I don’t like that the angle of the show is to show them in a ditzy/unprofessional light! I’m sure it’s the way they edit everything, but it’s just not making them look like the business women that they are!

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    I also struggle with getting to bed early – I stay up until 12 most nights! And I’m trying to get into Barre workouts now. I did one on Monday night and it totally killed me!

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