Heels Made For Walking {Earthies Giveaway}

I feel like I’ve been talking about my internship a lot on here lately, sharing the awesome things about it and the things that have been a bit of an adjustment for me. One of the things I haven’t really mentioned on here but that I am absolutely loving about my internship is the fact that I get to wear professional clothes and dress up every day. I’ve loved office wear ever since I saw The Devil Wears Prada and couldn’t wait to have a job where I would get to put cute work outfits together.

Do you guys remember this scene? While Anne Hathaway’s outfits are a little too chic for the business world I was so inspired by how she made all of her outfits look so pulled together! When I found out I was offered the internship Debbie was so sweet and took me shopping for outfits to wear to work. We got pants and skirts and tops in a whole assortment of colors. I have a pair of black shoes I’m really happy with and that are super comfy but I was missing one thing I really needed to be able to wear all of the outfits and to complete my summer wardrobe:

A pair of good brown heels! Maybe it’s just me but finding high heels that don’t kill my feet after twenty minutes is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Why do so many shoe companies insist on making such uncomfortable shoes?! I am flatfooted and my internship requires me to be on my feet continuously throughout the day. That means comfortable work shoes = essential.

When Earthies contacted me to inquire if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of their shoes I was over the moon. It was the perfect time for the review and one I knew I could really give because any shoes I wear to work are going to be put to the ultimate test. If they can hold up for 11 hours of go-go-go than they can hold up for anything! When browsing Earthies site the Talera shoe really stood out to me. They appeared professional while still looking chic, and most importantly of all, they looked comfortable! I was really excited to find out after doing a little more research that the Taleras are one of Bloomsburg Business Week’s top picks for women’s best office shoes!

While browsing the Earthies site I found this diagram to be so informative as to how normal heels are made and why they are so uncomfortable, especially for flat footed people. I need an arch in my dress shoes or it is going to be one painful day. I also hate how after a long day in uncomfortable shoes my toes start to ache. I now realize its because all the pressure is being put on them. I was really impressed by Earthies commitment to comfortable shoes that are not only better for your feet than traditional high heels, but super cute too!

Check out the construction of this shoe! It is so solid and well made and I love all the padding on the shoe. You can really feel it when you walk! These shoes definitely lived up to my expectations. I felt strong and cute in them all day without experiencing any swelling or blisters or pain in my feet. That makes these worth gold in my book. My only complaint is that I don’t have them in black too! ;p I was so looking forward to having them in brown so I could wear the outfits in my wardrobe I haven’t been able to wear previously, but now that I have worn them I want to be able to wear these shoes with my black and grey pants. As much as I love my black Calvin Klein heels (and those were the comfiest shoes I have ever found up until this point), these are even comfier!

I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of my work outfits that I’ve been matching these shoes with. Please ignore the awkward purse holding, I never know what to do with my hands in pictures and in the first two I was trying to cover up the cut on my arm since it’s still healing and looks kind of gnarly at the moment. My dermatologist told me to keep it un-bandaged since I am apparently allergic to the bandage adhesive and the Neosporin I was putting on it. I didn’t even know that was possible!

I love how the heels look with the skirt. I just wish the skirt wouldn’t pick up every possible wrinkle!

For some reason my camera made my pants and shoes look black but they are a dark brown. I love how the brown looks with the greys and browns and pinks in the top.

I love how blue and brown look together. I also love neck scarves. Debbie just found this one for me and I absolutely love it! Thanks Debbie! And Happy Birthday!! 😀

If you’re looking for comfy but still cute dress shoes I absolutely recommend Earthies. Finding dress shoes has been a stressful experience for me because I feel like 99% of heels out there hurt my feet. To say I was excited to find a pair that weren’t a painful experience is a bit of an understatement. If you’re looking for a place to check them out in person and try them on Earthies can be found at Nordstrom. While they are a little more on the pricier side I really think they are a good investment. As Debbie tells me when she sees me trying to cram my feet into a pair of shoes that are too small or are just plain uncomfortable because they’re on a good sale (I’ll do anything for a bargain), “You don’t want to cheap out and screw up your feet. They’re what you’ll be walking on for the rest of your life.”

And for one lucky winner a pair of Earthies best selling shoes will be yours absolutely free!! The company was so kind to let me give a pair away to a Girl Gone Veggie reader!

To enter, you have three options. You can do one or all of them for up to three entries.

1. Comment on this post telling me what your favorite style of shoe is. When I don’t have to wear heels I am a huge flats girl, but I love how confident and in charge I feel in a nice pair of heels.

2. Follow me on Twitter.

3. Tweet “I want to win a pair of @EarthiesUSA heels from @girlgoneveggie at http://www.herheartlandsoul.com/?p=1640″

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

The contest is open until Sunday, June 3rd at 11:59 pm. I will be announcing the winner in my blog post on Monday. Good luck!

*The fashion page was updated with info about my outfits!


  1. says

    Thanks for posting that image of how normal heels are made – so helpful and totally explains why my toes always feel scrunched up! My favorite style of shoe have to be flats but with a little heel so as not to aggravate my latent plantar fasciitis :-)

  2. Nancy says

    These shoes look amazing! My favourite kind of shoe is always wedges.. I love being that tall (it pushes me to 6’0″) but I LOVE how comfy wedges are.

  3. Chelsea says

    I wear flats everyday. Mostly because like you, I feel like heels are uncomfortable. Also, I am scared I will fall…grace is not associated with me at all.

  4. says

    ——————— I’m a big fan of wedges. They give me the height I need (I’m only 5’2) & provide more stability & comfort than heels. :)

  5. Kristin says

    These are cute and look so comfy (which is a hard to find combo in heels)! I would love to win a pair! I typically wear flats or sneakers on most days, but with a pair of heels like this…that could change!

  6. says

    These look awesome! I love the diagram too. Scary, but informative!

    I spend so much time in my running shoes that any break from them is welcome! I love my Croc flip flops and rarely wear heels because of the comfort factor. I’d love to own a pair of these to dress things up a bit without punishment! lol


  7. melissa says

    my favorite style of shoe is the casual sneaker, like my little Vans or my converse. Comfy and cute! i’m a bit of a shoe tomboy i suppose, haha.
    also following on twitter!

  8. says

    I’m definitely a flat shoe girl. My favorite pair of shoes are these dark brown, flat ankle boots that I actually found at a thrift store.. They’re cuter than just a plain flats and I could walk for days in them. If these heels are as comfortable as you say, though, I might be convinced to switch to team heels! Haha

  9. Caitlin says

    My favorite type of shoe is pumps but with a thicker heel, however being pregnant those are not really working for me right now so my goto is flats :)

  10. says

    I always wear flats, mainly because I work with young children. The teachers in the buildings I’ve worked at don’t get overly dressy for work, so I’d feel out of place clacking around in heels. I do like wedges, because I can be on my feet for longer periods of time. Definitely intrigued by a heel I could wear to work!

    I’m pearlsandpolos on twitter. :)

  11. Bianca says

    I love heels but my favorite type of shoe is a wedge. You get the look of a heel but more stability than a flat. The perfect combo!

  12. Bri says

    Wedges are my favorite type of shoes because they are a cute and comfy alternative to heels. I like the style of Earthies because they are cute and look comfortable!

  13. says

    My favorite type of shoes to wear are flats! Preferably boots. But I love wearing heels about 1-2 times a week at work. Makes me feel super important haha.

  14. Holly says

    Those are so cute!!!
    I usually wear slip ons or nice sneakers to work, but I could really use some comfy heels!

  15. Tiffany says

    Those shoes are really cute!

    I don’t have a twitter but I love rocking wedges when I’m not at work (I work in an ER) or working out.

  16. Lindsey says

    My favorite shoes are heels! I have yet to find a really comfy pair yet, but this post gives me hope!

  17. heather says

    i love wearing flats, it’s usually all i wear to work. i would love to be able to wear heels, but standing for 7+ hours my feet will just now allow it.

  18. says

    My favourite shoes are sandals, or really any shoe with open toes! I love to have my toenails painted so open toes make me smile.

    I also love cute heels when I can find them in my size :)

  19. alishalynn_ says

    My favorite pair of shoes is a great pair of heels. They make me feel powerful, confident, and like I can do anything. I love the feeling of being put together and on top of the world… plus a little height never hurt a 5’1″ girl like me ;-p

  20. Mariell @ HealthyPantz says

    I’m still a Florida girl in my heart, so will always favor flip flops over all other footwear. But these shoes look super comfy… Would love to try them out!

  21. Julia says

    I work in a busy psychology office where I am on my feet the majority of the day.I love to dress up and look cute, so heels are my go-to shoes the majority of the week! I always end up with blisters and throbbing feet by the end of most days though :( Having a pair of Earthies would be AMAZING! If i’m not in my work heels, my favorite shoes are definitely a sandals/flip flops..they are so comfy!

  22. says

    I have a hard time finding shoes because I wear a size 5 (but I can wear a 6 in boots with a thick sock).

    As much as I love summer, I love boots!

    These shoes seem like they wouldn’t kill my feet like other sandals and they come in my size :)


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