I Feel Like A Swiftwick Santa Claus

I have some exciting news to share with you guys today. If you ever look at my sidebars you might have noticed a logo for Swiftwick pop up on the left hand side over the holidays. Swiftwick is an athletic performance sock company that I had the pleasure of meeting at Runners World. They talked of their socks durability and comfort and asked if I would like to try them out. After I went home that weekend and got back to gym and outdoor running I used Swiftwick socks every time. Pure and simple, they’re amazing socks. They let my feet breathe, hold them snug in my shoe, and most importantly of all, I don’t feel them when I run.

I was so in love with Swiftwick socks we kept in touch as months and time passed. I raved about them to friends and Josh started to really wish he had a pair for our couples run when I would wax poetic about how amazing the socks were and how I couldn’t believe I used to work out in non-athletic socks. There is such a huge difference.

Swiftwick recently asked me if I would like to become an Ambassador for them. Without hesitation I said yes, I truly love the product and the company. What me being an Ambassador means is that I’ve been becoming familiar with all their awesome products so that if you ever have any questions, I can hopefully help you out. When they get new products I’ll share them, and when they run contests there’s free goodies for you guys!

You may have noticed I’ve been a little silent on the running front lately. I’ve been dealing with some health things that have kept me from breaking a sweat and working out like I used to. But with the New Year I am ready to get back to running and strength training in a big way!

Swiftwick was so kind to not only hook me up with socks, but my parents and Josh. Josh and I love to run together and I’m so excited he’ll get to experience the amazingness that is their running socks. My Dad is probably the most active guy his age I know. He’s always walking places, going on hikes, going to play basketball, doing pushups, going skiing, etc. etc. He’s a great role model to me to stay active as I get older. I know he’ll put his socks to good use.

Diane loves the outdoors and hiking too. She also goes on long power walks a lot and has recently started running! I’m so proud of her. The biggest message I want to spread on my blog about running is that if I can do it, anyone can. I’m not fast and I can’t run super long distances, but I love to run. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other, your body takes care of the rest. :)

Besides making super awesome socks, Swiftwick has also been focusing on improving their global footprint. They just launched their Sustain line of socks that are made from recycled material. I’m pretty excited about it, and Swiftwick is too! To celebrate the launch they’re letting me give away 30 pairs!

Entering is easy, simply leave me a comment telling me what you would do with a pair of Swiftwick socks. What sport inspires you?

For an extra entry tweet out, “Need running socks? @girlgoneveggie is giving away 30 pairs of @swiftwick athletic socks! http://www.herheartlandsoul.com/i-feel-like-a-swiftwick-santa-claus/ #giveaway” Simply leave an extra comment saying that you did!

The contest is open until next Thursday, January 17th at 11:59pm.


  1. Ashley says

    I’ve never tried athletic socks before and would be interested to see the difference. I’m not much of a runner, more of a walker, but would like to try to start running. Would love to give the socks a try!

  2. says

    i need these so bad for my outdoor runs on sunday mornings (“sundayrunday”)! i’ve been wearing cotton and when i start to perspire my feet start to get cold because the fabric stays wet, boo.

    thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  3. says

    I have been looking for a new running sock! I tried running in Under Armour’s but they are so thin that I ran holes in them within a week. I would love to take these socks on nice long runs as I venture to complete my first marathon in 2013.

  4. Dale says

    Would love to try these out. We are playing more racquetball this winter to stay in shape during winter. These socks would seem to fit the bill.

  5. says

    if i won a pair of swiftwick socks, i’d totally promise to throw out one of my old pair, which may or may not have holes in them from running 😉


    thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Missy Traub says

    I would wear the socks to do my next half marathon, a team tri in march and training to start doing duo. Need great socks for all. Which I do not have.

  7. Jen Lasher says

    I have just started running and have heard a lot about “running socks”. Thought socks where just socks, I was wrong. I would run in a pair of Swiftwick socks for sure.

  8. Morgan says

    I would love to run and ride my bike in them! New socks are so cozy especially great during this time of year. Watching soccer and hockey always get me so pumped to work out!

  9. Rina Teel says

    I would use mine a lot. I am trying to run at least 5 times a day and I am slowly trying to purchase more active gear and winning these socks would help me out. I have purchase a pair of compression socks from swiftkick with some Christmas $ I got and I love them. Slowly but surely I would like to get more in my collection for sure.

  10. says

    I don’t have a pair of Swiftwicks yet but I hear great things! My socks would get quite the workout – I’m training for my first 50k, so a good pair of socks is a MUST. I would love to cross the finish line in a new pair of Swiftwick socks!

  11. Jon says

    I am setting a goal to walk/run to and from work 3 days a week to save on gas and get in better shape. I would use the Swiftwicks almost everyday.


  12. alicia says

    I would love a pair of these socks! My kitty has been stealing socks for the past few months now, so I am missing pairs of my fave running socks!! It would be great to have a pair with both socks matching to run in :-)

  13. Lindsay (@LindsaysFamily) says

    I am a new runner and just started the couch to 5K program to ready myself for my 1st 5K! So I would SO be running in these! Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. says

    I’ve never tried these socks, but I know I’d put them to good use at the gym….especially since softball is my sport and well, it’s still a ways away before that starts up again!

  15. Keri says

    I have never tried these. Since I’ve signed up to run 13 or more races this year, these would be absolutely fabulous!! :)

  16. says

    Oooh….I love new socks! Especially good running ones! Somehow all of my favorites get spirited out of my drawers by my two youngest children (who aren’t so young anymore) who also have a thing for good socks! So if I won, I would run in them…and probably snowshoe too.

  17. Garrett says

    Hey! I have Raynaud’s phenomenon, a disease where your feet and hands get HORRID circulation for some unknown reason. Long story short, I run minimally and struggle with cold, and I would LOVE to try these out!!!!!

  18. Melissa W says

    I would wear these socks on my daily morning run! I have only one pair of really good running socks, so I only get to wear them once a week. The difference is truly amazing.

  19. Brittany says

    I’d love use those socks for running! Or even for running around outside playing basketball or football.

    I always told my boyfriend I’d bring over my running shoes and we’d have a race (I like to tease him that I’d win).. maybe new socks would give me the edge 😉

  20. says

    I would most definitely use these for hiking and running. my boyfriend got me into running this past september and I just ran in my first 5k this december!! I’m still just beginning to get into the sport and havent ever used special running socks so it would be fun to test these out!! :)

    I tweeeted as well!

  21. Rachel B says

    I would love to try the SwiftWick socks for kickboxing and power walking. Kickboxing classes is one of the few types of exercise that I get excited about and look forward too!

  22. Shelley Payne says

    My first love is playing basketball, especially now that my daughter plays as well.
    My second is running. New to running since June 2012.

  23. says

    I am finally starting to run again post-injury; therefore I would LOVE a long pair for running! I didn’t realize what a difference compression socks can make until recently. Also, for deadlifting AND box jumps: THESE WOULD SAVE MY LIFE. I’ve never looked into this brand; i’m intrigued. :)

  24. Sagar Parikh says

    I play basketball. Have since I was old enough to hold a ball. One thing that goes overlooked is the wear and tear on your feet from the constant cutting and change of direction you deal with. I have yet to wear a pair of socks that stayed comfortable and gave my feet protection for the entirety of my workout. Here’s to hoping that these socks do the trick’

  25. says

    I would use them for marathon training! Training for my first sub-4 hour (and possibly BQ if the stars align). I’ve wanted to try swiftwick for a while but haven’t gotten around to it. Thanks for this giveaway!

  26. Jeremy says

    The sport of life itself is what inspires me. I love to incorporate running into my busy day at work. I run up the stairs. I run at the jobsite. I run through the parking lot… Swiftwick socks would enable my day!

  27. says

    I absolutely love Swiftwick socks! I was introduced to them back in the Summer when I was increasing my mileage & getting bad blisters between my toes. I didn’t notice any new blisters form after using them. I would be training for & running my first half-marathon in a pair of Swiftwicks.

  28. says

    I love do TURBO KICK in theses swiftwick socks. It’s my soulmate workout and I cant get enough of it! If I had to pick my favorite piece of clothing, it would be SOCKS! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of these before, I would LOVEEE to get my hands on a pair. Love your blog, btw, awesome!!

  29. Debbie Gregory says

    Just tweeted about your swiftwick sock giveaway. I’m training for my first 5K and would love to do it in a pair of swiftwick socks!

  30. Adrian Frazier says

    I got my first pair of swiftwick socks for Christmas. When I ran in them, they became my favorite socks. So I would run in them.

  31. Julie M says

    I tried SwiftWick once before and love the slight compression. They are a little thin for long runs, but for shorts runs I LOVE them.

  32. Deb P. says

    I would use these socks as I train to run a half marathon! All apart of my journey to take care of myself and lose weight healthily!

  33. says

    I would love, love, love to try Swiftwick socks! I started running last year and I’m about to begin training for my first half marathon. I think these socks just might help me get to my goal!

  34. Casey M says

    I’m easing into running since I’m just starting to work out and get fit again, but I would use them for walking and when I’m kickboxing!

  35. Erin says

    RUNNING :) I’ve been logging more miles (thanks to a new treadmill and some mild weather in New England– would love more socks in the rotation. Will tweet this too!

  36. Jenna M Osborne says

    Kickboxing and hiking in the woods are my two favorite forms of exercise, these would be wonderful to wear!

  37. Stephanie says

    I run in Swiftwick. Just finished the 1/2 marathon at Disneyworld in merino #1’s and feet were happy and dry. Love love love these socks. Need more of them! Thanks.

  38. Meg S says

    I’ve never tried this brand of socks before but would love to – I’m training for the NYC half so they would help me get through those miles. Thank you!

  39. Beth Browning says

    I would give the socks to my husband who loves to run or I would keep them for myself whenever I go out for a run.

  40. Anne says

    I would wear these for my spring ultra training. A lot of time on my feet and these would keep my feet oh, so happy!

  41. says

    I would take those lovely socks onto the road where I’m putting in training miles for my 5th marathon. Also they would carry me into the woods in preparation for my first trail 1/2 marathon. I would sing their praises to their masses :)

    I tweeted the link :)

  42. Erin says

    I haven’t run in a few months thanks to some IT band issues. I’m nervous about getting back into it, but these socks would give me some motivation!

  43. Christa says

    I love socks, trying new things, and Friday the 18th is my birthday and all I wanted was some socks. I love running, and my next marathon is the Little Rock marathon on March 3. I would rather be running, but I’ve been sick And stuck in bed, so I saw this post and decided to beg for a pair. Thanks!!!!’ Would love to try a pair and hope I get picked! -Christa ill tweet too….

  44. says

    Oh, I would love to try Swiftwick socks! My experience has been limited to Feetures and DeFeet. I have three half marathons between now and the end of April, so adding another pair of socks to the rotation would be divine!

  45. Brianna says

    I am running my 2nd 1/2 marathon in a week and a half! I have never bought realt athletic socks so I would be interested to see if they make a difference!

  46. Ashleigh Adkins says

    I am trying to run a half marathon as one of 30×30 goals! (30 goals to achieve before turning 30) I’d love to have these socks to help me reach my goal!

  47. E says

    I’ve seen a bit about this brand lately and would love to test them out on a run, or hike that I don’t use my Vibrams!
    Mahalo for the giveaway!

  48. Kristen says

    Just started running outdoors more often so I would love to try some Swiftwick socks!! I’ve only heard good things about them!

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