Memorial Day Weekend Memories

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are having a wonderful day with family and friends and that you have sunny skies and grilled food to help you celebrate the day! Diane is traveling for work today and I’m picking up a shift at my other job so we went ahead and celebrated Memorial Day as a family a day early.

I slept in and spent my morning waking up over a big mug of green smoothie and episodes of Modern Family. I also swapped out the winter clothes in my closet for my summer ones since 80 degree temperatures are officially here to stay! Unpacking all the shorts and tank tops was like Christmas, I always forget what I have and its like buying it all over again. Even better is that the clothes I bought at the end of the season last year that were a little too snug to hopefully motivate me to fit into them this year (Does anyone else do this or am I just crazy?) actually fit! I did a happy dance around my room. 😀

And in true Erin fashion, as soon as I packed away all my clothes and celebrated my victory of weighing just a little less than I did last year, I headed down to the kitchen to help Diane cook. We were both in the cooking mood and it was fun to hang out in the kitchen and chat over recipes. Diane whipped up some egg potato salad from scratch that is out of this world good!

While Diane was busy with the potato salad I went to work making her quinoa and corn avocado salad for the first time. I look forward to this dish every summer and was so excited to make it for myself with her encouragement! Next time I’ll dice the parsley a little bit thinner but other than that I was really happy with how it turned out. Its delicious!

Diane made sausage and peppers for dinner for my Dad, Charles, and herself. For my dinner I decided to make a sweet potato and garbanzo bean burger. I used this recipe I found via Twitter and made a few modifications based on what I had in the house. I didn’t have white beans so I used garbanzo beans instead, I only had regular flour instead of garbanzo bean flour, and I had no turmeric so I subbed in cumin. These must be resilient burgers because despite all the modifications it still came out absolutely amazing. It was an all around delicious meal.

Diane really outdid herself because not only did she make an incredible meal but she also made one of our family favorite desserts! We are a family that loves strawberry pie and I was so looking forward to a piece tonight.

It was every bit as good as I remembered. 😀 Quintessential summer on a plate right there.

And I ended the night just like I started it, watching more episodes of Modern Family. That show can really make me laugh. The one difference was instead of a green smoothie I was sipping on some Skinny Girl Margarita. The fact that it was in a teacup made it ten times better. 😀 It was a great way to end a fun, relaxing day. I hope you all have a happy Memorial Day! And here’s to the Veterans and Active Duty military men and women who make our celebration of this day and continued freedom possible!

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite way to spend Memorial Day? I love spending summer holidays outside in a sundress with grilled food and good drinks!


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    Modern Family is hilarious! That strawberry pie looks amazing! Yummm! Our long weekend here in Canada was two weekends ago, I spent it with family and friends :)

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      The strawberry pie was delicious, I’m so excited there’s more waiting for me downstairs after work! 😀 I’m so glad you had such a good holiday! What is it called in Canada?

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      Omg its sooo good! I look forward to it every summer! That sounds like an amazing party that your uncles business puts on. I hope you had the best time!!

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      Aw thank you Meg! I am really happy! :) And isn’t the mug adorable? Its actually my step moms, I got it for her for Christmas but its the only mug big enough for our green smoothies so she’s super sweet and lets me steal it! haha I have to go and buy another one so we’ll each have our own! ;p

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    every year my uncle’s business hosts a car show and it’s pretty big so my whole family does that! this year we did that plus celebrated my cousin turning 1 with an elaborate pool party hosted by his momma (a party planner!) fun times! i love being outside with family and friends!!

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