My Daily Me Time

Life is busy. Some people can juggle a crazy schedule and make it look effortless. I am not that kind of girl. I’ve got a job, a side job, a blog, a husband, family, and friends. I’m usually running from one place to the next on my never-ending to-do list. And I never get enough sleep. (I’m really working on that one this year.) At times life can feel like a marathon (if, you know, I could run longer than a 5k).

When you’re constantly running around like that, it’s important to take time just to slow down and breathe. My quiet time is in the morning. I leave for work around 7:30 am, but typically wake up around 5:30am. Do I need two hours to get ready in the morning? No. (Although I did that time I accidentally fell asleep in the shower. I really need to work on that sleep thing.) What I do need is two hours of peace, quiet, and calmness. I lay on the couch, I watch the news, I chat with Josh about our plans, and I fuel my body for the crazy day ahead. My daily breakfast is 3/4 cup Kashi Go Lean Cinnamon Crunch, 1 Stonyfield plain Greek yogurt, 12 almonds, and a teaspoon of honey. I wake up looking forward to eating this every morning. This peaceful start is critical for me to get energized before I run off to start a busy day.

Speaking of being busy and running, next Monday is the Boston Marathon. (For, you know, people that juggle a busy life and still find time to run actual marathons. I can’t even imagine.) This is a really big deal after the bombings at last years events. If there was ever a year I could wish for the strength and speed to accomplish such a feat, this is the year I would want to run it. I’ll be mentally cheering on the runners as they show the world that the running community, the people of Boston, and all of us in the United States are stronger than ever. Stonyfield is an official sponsor of the Boston Marathon this year. Reason 3,857 I love that company. If you’re a fan too simply join in the conversation on Twitter and Instagram on race day (4/21) with the hashtag #Stonyfieldsuperfan. Stonyfield will be giving away hundreds of prizes, including a year-long gym membership to one lucky fan. I know I plan on tweeting lots of encouragement to all the runners, and Instagram-ing pics from my own personal run that day.

Question of the Day: Do you take time out for yourself each day to rest and refuel?

Disclaimer: This post in sponsored by Stonyfield. All thoughts are 100% my own. And I 100% love this yogurt!


  1. says

    So good that you get up early to just chill and get ready for the day. Not me. I’m running from the alarm each morning which sounds at 4:40am so I can snooze until my spinning/circuit training/something class. If I don’t do it in the a.m.? Then I don’t do it.

    Then home to get myself and my kiddo ready before working 10+ hours at actual work and home to make dinner (don’t go thinking it’s fancy), play with my boy, put him to bed and then back on the computer for some work catch-up and blogging. If I didn’t love blogging so much I could sleep more. But I just love it…

    Great catch up. And love Stonyfield. =)

    • says

      You are seriously wonder woman! <3 I don’t think I could function if I woke up that early every morning! I’m too much of a night owl.

  2. Jordan Williams says

    I am guilty of not getting enough “me time”. Mornings are such a peaceful time to get in some relaxation and recharge! I also try to make my workouts “me time” by avoiding my phone and emails from the time I walk into the gym until I leave.

    • says

      When I leave my phone away from me at the gym I have the best workouts. Otherwise I get too distracted checking emails and updates!

  3. says

    my morning is a lot like yours – i get up at 5:30 and don’t leave for work til 7:30 to 7:45. i use it to check emails, blog, read news, watch news, get ready, pack healthy foods, etc. hubby is often still sleeping so the house is super quiet. gotta have my “me” time.

  4. says

    I WISH I took time for myself each day. Unfortunately I cannot say that is the case for me. I wake up at 4am so I can get in my workout and some computer time each morning before everyone is awake, does that count? I know I need to take more but it’s hard, life is busy. Perhaps I need to come up with a plan for that….

  5. says

    I love the idea of taking time in the morning. I am NOT a morning person, but would love to become one (especially after reading this post!)

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