Pavement Princesses do Diva Dash

Have you guys heard of the Diva Dash? It’s a 5k run that’s coming to Omaha. It’s all about celebrating women running and having fun with your girlfriends.

Molly sent me info about the race today and asked if I’d be interested in being on a team. I’ve never run a team race before but am so excited to get to. The race is on March 22nd and our team is Molly, myself, Joanna, and Lindsay.

Our team is Pavement Princesses. If you’re in the Omaha area and would like to run with us let me know! The world can always use more princesses. ;p

We’ll be rocking pink tutus.

And pink tiaras. It’s going to be a good time!

Questions of the Day: Have you run a team race? Was it a different experience than a solo race?


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    Sounds fun! Can’t wait to read about it. I did the Rock n Roll half marathon as part of a team. It was a relay. I ran the first half and then my partner ran the second half. I was just telling her today that that race was my favorite so far!

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    I love to run but I can’t recall ever seeing a runner wearing a tutu! Too funny, but if you can get away with it, then flaunt it! Great post!

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