The Operation

Yesterday’s surgery was a success!

I got my mole removed and all stitched up. It was my second surgery ever, I had my wisdom teeth removed last winter, and I was surprised that it was relatively painless. The dermatologist numbed my arm and then I didn’t feel a thing as he cut me up and stitched me back together. I’ll find out the biopsy results in five days and then come back in two weeks to get my stitches removed. He already predicted the results will come back completely fine so that makes me happy. 😀

After getting back from the doctor and picking up my car (more on that later) I headed to State College. Josh and I were invited to an end of the semester night of games and dancing.

We made sure to have a filling dinner before going out. I picked up two Chipotle bowls for us and got hit on with the worst pick up line ever. “So tell me how do you like your Chipotle bowl? Yours is an opinion I’d want to take.” I had to laugh.

I was super excited to get to see this guy. He left on the Megabus to spend Mother’s Day with his parents today so I was excited we’d have a little more time together before I start my internship and crazy schedule.

Lily (left) and Nicole (right) were hosting game night. That’s Nicole’s boyfriend Mike in the picture. We played rounds of Catchphrase and it was so much fun!

Ian, Dinora, and Josh. Everyone’s all smiles but we got really into this game. It was boys versus girls for the later half of the games and it got intense. There was some smack talking on the boys side but the girls prevailed, winning twice!

Josh, me, and Peter. It was such a fun night. We played until 11 and then everyone headed out to go dancing. Josh and I had to skip out on that though because of me falling and hitting my knee against my metal bed frame early in the afternoon while I was packing. It hurt so bad and I have an ugly bruise but there won’t be any long term damage, I just needed to rest it. We also had to wake up super early because Josh had an early Megabus to catch. We’re definitely taking a rain check though because I want to go dancing so badly!

This morning Lily and I met at Waffle Shop for breakfast. It was so great to have some girl time and hear how the dancing went last night. I wish we could hang out more often!

I had my usual pecan pancakes and eggs. It was delicious as always.

After that I headed home since I work tonight and wanted to get ready. Unfortunately while I was driving home my car started bucking for a few seconds when I was at 65 mph. It happened three times while I was on the road. I have an old car and just got the transmission fluid changed for the first time in probably forever. I’ve owned it for three years now and heard that getting a transmission fluid change can help extend the life of your car. Being proactive I thought spending $150 when the car wasn’t giving me any transmission problems would save me in the long run, and the mechanic assured me it would be fine. Unfortunately it looks like it might have caused something to break, as the mechanic told me today that changing an old cars transmission is flipping a coin. I’m driving it to work this evening and tomorrow morning to test it and if it still gives me trouble I’m going to have to take my dad’s car to my internship training on Monday. Please cross your fingers for me, I do not want to be in the market for a new car!

Question of the Day: Have you had any surgeries before? Any car horror stories to share?

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  1. says

    Love Chipotle! Yum!

    I have had 2 foot surgeries (removal of bone spurs). Now my kitty on the other hand has had THREE in the last 2+ months. He fractured it first and THEN he cracked the same leg after the 1st successful surgery. AAAHHH

    It’s been crazy that is for sure.

    No crazy car stories that I can think of but I’m sure there were some when I was a teen lol

  2. says

    Hi Fellow FFA! So I have not had very many surgery, nasal surgery is about it, besides having 3 kids. But car horror stories, HA, I had my little Subaru turbo catch on fire while I was driving down the interstate when I was 20 and I remember pulling over and getting out and running down the interstate to get away from it. Fortunately like 4 big tractor trailor trucks stopped and had fire extinguishers. Whats funny is that my window was down and I kept yelling at the truck drivers to get my cell phone, purse and Limited bag out of the front seat. LOL, I didnt want my new pants I had just bought to burn up in that fire. HEEHEE! A 20 yr olds mind! Well im glad you are doing well after your surgery and I am njow following your blog. -Larisa

    • says

      Omg! I’m so glad you’re okay! How did it catch on fire? did you end up getting your purse and pants back? Aw thanks so much, I’m so glad the surgery wasn’t painful, I’m such a wuss with pain!

  3. says

    Two surgeries in such a short time!
    I’ve only ever had one (and not a very exciting one at that; tubes tied after child number 3). I found the whole general anesthetic experience very strange; like only a few minutes passed between being told to count backwards from 10 and waking up in a different room very disoriented.
    Those pancakes are making me hungry! Happy Saturday!

    • says

      The pancakes were delicious! Yeah anesthesia is super weird, but I’m glad it exists because I would not be able to handle the pain of having something done without it!

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