The weekend of ups and downs, but mostly ups

This weekend was such a fun one, although it did not start out that way. Josh got really sick on Thursday with what we’re now guessing was a stomach bug. He was feeling so bad Thursday night I took off work on Friday so he wouldn’t be home alone in case he got worse.

We watched so many Pawn Star episodes they started to blur together after a while. Seeing Josh miserable was not fun, but I was glad we got to spend some time relaxing in our jammies. I’m obsessed with these Target polka dot ones.

I ate lots of nutrient dense food to try and ward off any germs that might come my way. Thankfully by the end of Friday Josh was feeling much better. It’s amazing what a lot of rest can do.

We braved the crowds on Saturday to score some after-Christmas deals. We’re now stocked up on wrapping paper for years. We wandered into Teavana while browsing the mall and I ended up falling in love with some of their teas.

Lunch was from Kona Grill and was delicious. I was very proud of myself for subbing a salad for fries. ;p

Saturday night we went ice skating at Con Agra. Admission is $5 and includes your skate rental, with all of the proceeds going to a local food bank. It was unseasonably warm on Saturday, with temperatures reaching 60 degrees. It was the perfect day to go skating. Josh is much better than I am and was very sweet to hold my hand as I tried not to fall on my face or plow into little kids.

After skating we went and saw Frozen. I love Disney but thought the previews for this movie were pretty lack luster. It was only after I heard everyone and their brother raving about this movie that I decided I needed to see it. From everything I heard I knew it would be good, but I was blown away by how amazing it was. It makes me so happy that the messages little girls are hearing as they grow up is starting to change. It was funny to see Disney poke fun at the traditional Disney storyline in this movie. ;p

Sunday we went and saw our first Creighton basketball game! Josh’s co-worker/friend has season tickets and offered us seats to see this weeks game. It was so much fun! I love how much pride Omaha has in their teams. They weren’t even playing a team in their conference and the arena was packed. We definitely want to see another game! And bonus: Creighton scored more than 75 points so we get a free pizza from a local pizzeria in town!

Basketball game selfies! ;p

We got dinner after the game at a nearby restaurant called Blatt. I’ve blogged about how delicious their food is before. This encore visit did not disappoint. I loved every bite of my kale chicken salad.

And just like that it was time to get ready for Monday. I’m so excited for this week, Josh and I have fun New Years plans!

Question of the Day: What was the highlight of your weekend?


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    All of that food looks amazing! I need to start ordering more salads when we go out. My highlight of the week was the awesome weather up until today! I was able to take my daughter on a wagon ride. Have a great week!

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    I also saw Frozen this weekend and loved it! I thought the ending was an amazing twist on typical Disney story lines. Although I love snow so I thought it was silly that they wanted her to get rid of all the pretty snow and ice!

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