This past weekend:

I got my workout on:

Barre on Saturday.

and Zumba on Sunday!

I went on a beer tour:

Josh and I got a Living Social deal for a beer tour at Infusion Brewing Company. I’m not a beer fan (unless it’s a cider or a sour), but I still had a lot of fun learning about how craft beer is brewed. Josh had an absolute blast. After we celebrated with a beer (for him) and a cocktail (for me).

I ate some good food:

This was our first time exploring Benson so we decided to try a Benson restaurant. We ate at Mantra and absolutely loved it. My turkey burger with avocado on a pretzel bun was out of this world.

We played arcade games:

As we were walking around Benson after lunch we ran into a bar arcade. I saw a skeeball machine from outside and immediately felt a wave of nostalgia come over me. Summers spent at the shore were filled with skeeball and air hockey games. I challenged Josh to a game and was happy to see I hadn’t lost my skeeball skills.

I became a soda sommelier:

I am a huge Zevia fan and was excited for the chance to become a soda sommelier. I love the taste of soda but don’t let myself drink it usually because of all the sugar in the real stuff and all the fake crap in the diet stuff. Zevia is great because it is flavored with Stevia, keeping it free of artificial sugars and sweeteners. Stevia can sometimes leave a bit of an aftertaste which is why Zevia reformulated their soda and added monk fruit. Monk fruit is also sugar free, all natural and is great at enhancing the taste. I love that there’s a soda I can enjoy and not feel guilty about. I had a black cherry and Josh had a cream soda while watching the Grammys. They were great!

Question of the Day: What were you up to this weekend?


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      Omg it’s so fun! The instructor can make it or break it though, so it’s important to find an instructor that has a style you like.

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    I’ve been wanting to give barre a shot for some time now. I don’t know why I’m so hesitant to just go and do it! I’ve heard such great things about it.

    Also, I absolutely LOVE pretzel buns! Mmm! :)

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      The reason I chose my gym is because their fitness classes are included in the price. I was so happy, I’ve heard of barre classes being like $30 a class at some studios on the east coast. That’s almost the price of my monthly gym membership!

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    That burger looks fantastic! I will have to try that out. There is a pizza place in the Benson area that we have been meaning to pop into as well! Looks like a Benson weekend is on the list! :) My weekend included a girls night to David Nail concert, Maria’s Mexican Saturday, volleyball and shopping on Sunday!

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