Will Travel For Chocolate

Thanks so much for all the feedback and thoughts on my last post! I really appreciate it and always learn so much from you guys. I hope you’re all having an awesome week, its been another busy one for me.

I traveled back to Harrisburg for the last day of training for my summer internship. Because I live two hours away they had me drive down the night before and stay at the Wyndham again. I love staying at hotels, the comfy pillows and fluffy comforters can’t be beat. I want to steal those Be Well pillows, they’re so cute!

I love visiting the Harrisburg/ Hershey area. I was actually born in Harrisburg but only lived there for a hot minute because the “investment house” my dad bought turned out to be in the middle of a ghetto/drug neighborhood. My dad thought the neighborhood was up and coming, but when there was a shoot out in the street in front of our house when I was two months old he put the house up for sale and vowed we’d never live in an unsafe area like that again. So while what I love about Harrisburg is basically not having to have grown up in the area I was born, I love Hershey for Hershey Park! I performed there with my orchestra in Jr. High and went on countless field trips to Hershey World and competed in States at the Hershey Hotel every year in High School with FBLA. It is such a beautiful area and I also just love the chocolate. 😀 Hershey chocolate is without a doubt my favorite chocolate, so you can be sure I picked up some dark chocolate bars while I was there!

I grabbed a quick bite at the hotel cafe before training started. I got an onion bagel with eggs and cheese.

Training was a lot of fun. It was exciting to see all the familiar faces from last week and come back with so much more knowledge of how our job works than before we left. We met with the execs of each department and talked about how to succeed in our internship and beyond. For lunch I had baked ziti, a salad, and two amazing cookies. The chocolate cookie was stuffed with peanut butter and the chocolate chip cookie was stuffed with chocolate. This was definitely a very indulgent lunch but so absolutely delicious.

After a long day at training and two hours on the road back home I crashed on my couch with a big bowl of protein pasta mixed with onions, celery, and cheese. It was definitely a carb heavy meal with not a lot of veggies or healthy fats and proteins but it was quick and it was easy and comforting so it worked for that night.

Today I had the day off so I enjoyed it by sleeping in (until 9:30am!), lounging around the house, doing some shopping for birthdays and baby showers, and getting the stitches on my arm removed. I am so glad to be completely on the other side of that experience and know that my skin is perfectly healthy!

And now its time to get ready for bed because I have another full day at work tomorrow before the weekend!

Question of the Day: Where was the last place you traveled for work or pleasure? What did you enjoy about it?


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    I went to canoeing! It was pretty much our backyard BUT it was still super exciting because we saw a dolphin like 6 feet away. And that’s my story, haha! :)

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    I also love hotels, they can be super relaxing, if you are at a nice one! I really, really love the be well pillows as well!!!

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