Zoe Keating is coming to Omaha

You guys know I love me some classical music. I played the violin growing up in school. While I loved it, I always wished I learned how to play the cello too.  We talked about bucket lists yesterday. True story- I used to have a list with all the qualities I wanted in man. He had to be smart, he had to be funny, he had to be kind, he had to be hot, he had to be able to cook, he had to be tall, and he had to play the cello. I realized pretty young that a checklist on a piece of paper wasn’t going to give me the ideal man. Josh is the same height as me, and he can’t play the cello, but he is everything else on that list and so much more. I still love the cello though, and find it an incredibly beautiful and sexy instrument.

Omaha has such a thriving music scene. We get concerts and performances that I’d never be exposed to elsewhere. Omaha Performing Arts is a huge reason for this. They secure some amazing talent each year. (Wicked is coming next month!) They have various venues for different types of performances. I’ve been so lucky to be able to see shows at most of them. One venue I haven’t yet gotten to check out is their 1200 club. Located in the Scott Recital Hall at the Holland Center, 1200 club performances are intimate affairs. Decorated like a nightclub, guests are seated at candle-lit tables, with light fare and a full bar. It sounds like one incredible experience.

Zoe Keating is performing at the 1200 club next Friday, May 2nd at 8pm. (Tickets are $30 and can be bought here.) I feel so lucky to be able to get to go. Zoe Keating is a one-woman orchestra that seriously rocks it out on her cello.

She’s classically trained, went to Sarah Lawrence, and then became a software engineer. Feeling torn between music and technology she decided to combine them both. She uses her cello and a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of cello, creating intricate, haunting and compelling music that is one of a kind. You’ve got to listen to some of her songs:


If this sounds like your kind of night grab some tickets and come hang out with me and Josh! It’s the perfect setting for a date night that is guaranteed to be a good time.

Questions of the Day: What’s your favorite instrument? Have you been to a concert like this before?

This post is sponsored by Omaha Performing Arts. All opinions are my own. And my opinion is that the Omaha Performing Arts is amazing and I want to help promote them in any way I can. I’m a proud music kid. ;p


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